Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Dress that will never happen

So some of you know I want a maxi dress for my birthday from a "real" (aka not fat girl) store. This is not going to happen.

um apparently - I look horrible in this type of dress. I mean very bad. Bad. Bad Bad bad Bad!

I went to JC Penney's. We have a super small one locally. I tried on a "regular" extra large. I was nervous but...wanted to try it.

The top looked SO awesome (except my arms - yuck but that is something I'm willing to live with and just cover up). But the top half fit so nice. My waist even looked decent. And more importantly - even though I know those dresses run bigger and are loose - it fit.

Then you got to my ass. Oh heaven help me. It was bad. Not flattering. not sexy. and not even going to Walmart wearable.

I have always known that too much flow in an outfit can be a problem for a person bigger than a size 8, I just forgot and had hope.

But, in one way I'm taking a victory lap. The top fit so perfect. And it wasn't an extendo size. It wasn't from a "specialty" store. It was a regular size. The bottom while it didn't look good (AT ALL) on me actually fit. It just wasn't flattering. So in that way - I'm taking the victory and glory of the moment of being able to put it on and look nice.

So, the new mission is to find a cute skirt and shirt. HA:)

And be proud of myself for not buying it just because i could get it on;)

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