Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Waiting to exhale

So today is actually a fabulous day. I just had lunch for the first time ever with a friend from Ohio. Best line ever? My oldest son says "mom but you don't like people from Ohio"...I had to tell him that was only football players from Ohio State.

But, as per my usual - I have a bitch.

How long do you wait for an apology from someone. This person may or may not know that I am waiting. I do not want to be all "You owe me an apology". I almost never say that. Even if it's to my husband...I'll just sit there and wait for him to have the gears grind and for him to understand that I need an apology now.

Said person threw a 5 year old tantrum at me. Saying that my advice (which there was an advice question asked) was not wanted because she didn't specifically ask for that kind of advice. Seriously? I have been through the situation many times, I was telling you how I handled it and to help you prepare...I wasn't saying "You better do it my way bitch". I'm almost never like that (I do have my moments).

So...after telling me that the advice was ridiculous and meddlesome what happens? Exactly what I said would. I want to scream "I TOLD YOU SO" but so far I've been above it (by above I mean bitching constantly that I was right to everyone else.)

Thing that kills me is that I really thought this person and I were getting close enough that I could throw my $.02's in the hat. I really did. People who I'm not close with? I would have never bothered.

Why are relationships so complicated?

If you know me at all by now, you know that I am opinionated. This stretches from politics (I'm pretty much socialist), working (I don't care if you work or not but there is no poor talk if you won't get a job), Gay Rights (why do you care if gay people get married? That's friggen ridiculous), Union Rights (this scares the bejeezus out of me), Traveling (I have successfully traveled with 3 kids to at least 10 different states...I have something to say about that for sure), child care (honestly I'll tell you what's worked for my kids - 3 different methods usually - but if it works for you? good for you. I will give an opinion but I do try hard not to judge...sometimes), and relationships. So...if you don't want an opinion that veer's into left field, then back into right - don't ask me ever. EVER.

In all seriousness...Do you wait for the apology? I did say that I was pretty offended by the comments I got. I was upfront about it - and tried very hard (although how successfully I don't know) to NOT be bitchy about it. Do you wait? Or do you just forget about it but hang back on the friendship?

I don't know how to do this without being a child. I'm trying so hard, but my feelings were stepped on (I'm bitchy but jeez I do have feelings).

enough whining for the day.

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